Lighthouse Bali Team

Our addiction treatment team is comprised of Western trained clinical psychologists, international and local counselors, licensed therapists, and wellness experts from around the globe. Our team understands the true nature of addiction, the joys of recovery and together we share over 100 years of sobriety.

Management Team

Medical & Clinical Therapists

We tailor make each recovery program based on your specific needs and there are many unique factors which will affect who we chose as your consulting psychologist. We are fortunate to have many clinical therapists on our addiction treatment team to choose from. Many professionals move to Bali as it becomes a recognised destination for recovery – and to enjoy the life that Bali can offer. We will have a clinical meeting before you arrive to choose the therapists that best fit your unique struggles with substance abuse.

One of our addiction treatment teams’ consulting therapists is a reputable Doctor from the UK who is a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist specializing in rehabilitation and promoting psychological well being. He was awarded a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from one of the world’s highest ranked academic institutions, Oxford University. He has worked across a number of private and public rehabilitation centers in the UK and specializes in neuro-psychology and rehabilitation.

We also offer a consulting therapist from USA and who attended the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and Alliant International University (AIU). She has worked for an extended period of time within rehabilitation centers and specializes in areas of trauma and how they can affect addiction rehabilitation. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with extensive work in the USA and Southeast Asia in the areas of addiction.

If you are interested in speaking with one of addiction treatment team or with our consulting therapists before you arrival we will coordinate this for you. We have a selection of over 5 clinical therapists to choose from here in Bali that are also able to continue treatment via Skype when you return home following our recovery program.

Medical & Clinical Team

Wellness, Holistic & Recovery Team Members

After you commit to our recovery program we form a recovery team specifically for your needs. We choose from over 15 international recovery coaches based in Bali as well as more than 10 Indonesian support staff. This is a thorough process in order to find team members you will relate to and connect with most. While we can’t list our entire addiction treatment and recovery team on this page, we are more then happy to put you in contact with a recovery coach prior to your commitment to our program.

Additional Team Members