Ben Johnson


Benjamin Johnson BA (Education) and CPC (Life Coach) joined The Lighthouse Bali team in 2019 as both a Life Coach focused in the field of recovery, and as Creative Director. In his role as Creative Director, Ben curates creative programs which interlace the arts such as music, drama, and art, alongside holistic and therapeutic approaches. Ben’s specialist approach supports and broadens clients’ communicative skills leading to a deeper sense of self-identity, and most importantly, a love for expression and curiosity.

Ben, who is currently based in the UK, has a background in the entertainment industry and was awarded a triple distinction in Musical Theatre. After years of working within the entertainment industry, which included performing for national and international tours, cruise ships, television, and the West End, Ben retrained as a professional teacher, specializing within the arts, at The University of Northampton in the UK.


Ben was appointed as a content writer for Cambridge Assessment of International Education, where he wrote and developed part of the Art and Design syllabus, which is taught across 160 countries around the world.


Ben has first-hand experience of the arts supporting his own personal journey with self-identity, wellbeing, and recovery. He is able to draw on his own experiences to develop workshops that can offer others a creative approach to self-development and awareness.


Ben has traveled and lived in Bali, India, Uganda, Bosnia and Herzegovina where he has been engaged in teaching roles, working with refugees and community outreach programs, bringing arts-based concepts and solutions to help others.


Ben has a true passion for helping others and engaging the arts as a form of expression and communication. Ben creates tailor-made creative programs that engage, encourage and develop clients as they strive to learn more about themselves in a supportive and creative environment.