To whom it may concern:
Please regard this note as a strong endorsement of the Lighthouse Bali, their staff and their methods. As a chronic relapser for 12 years, I felt hopeless with regards to my using and drinking, and with almost no hope, I entered the Lighthouse not long ago, needing to detox and get clean and sober.

I am now sober and clean, feel confident in the skills I’ve learned there, and have a new-found hope that I can maintain my sobriety. The level of 1 on 1 attention and the quality of this individualized treatment seems to have been just what I needed to get back on track with living a happy and productive life. If I find myself in situations that would normally trigger using and drinking, I now am pleased to find that I can withstand the urges using the tools the staff of the Lighthouse taught me, tailored to my individual needs and personality.

I am sure you will find them friendly, caring and able to help you if you are a person with a drug or alcohol problem, even if it seems hopeless now. Having been to other, much more expensive rehabs, I can say without doubt that you will receive the best possible treatment and highest quality of personal care for your dollar at the Lighthouse in Bali.

I wish you wellness.

Warm regards,
Bob N.,
former Lighthouse client
American living in Indonesia

Our beautiful son literally had a death. His addiction had spiralled out of control again. Unfortunately he has struggled with drug addiction on and off for most of his adult life. He is now 42. But his life has not always been problematic as there has been periods of sobriety where he has been well, maintained healthy relationships and has worked hard while being employed. When things started to unravel again over the last couple of years due in large part to depression, a stressful job, a work injury that required surgery and a turbulent relationship with his partner, he started using Meth again. As we know, it’s a highly addictive drug and it wasn’t long before he had a full blown habit again.

During the last 3 years, he has participated in a number of treatment programs including therapy with private psychologists, psychiatrists, an addiction medical specialist, naltrexone implants, a 6 week stay in a private hospital in Sydney and a 6 week stay at a very high-end luxury rehab in Thailand. As a family we at a complete loss as to what to do to get him the help that he needed because nothing seemed to be working.

This last lapse was so bad, he didn’t want to live anymore and he told me he was going to keep using until he died. So you can see things couldn’t have been much worse… no will to live, hating himself, no money, no job, no relationship, no friends, siblings over it but afraid for him and for us. As his parents, words cannot describe the anguish and agony we endured watching our beloved son’s life literally slipping away from him and us.

In sheer desperation, and with the help of my daughters, we starting frantically searching the net trying to find something different that might help him as nothing else seemed to work. We are so thankful that through our search we came across the Lighthouse in Bali because this program has literally saved my son’s life. The Lighthouse offers a unique treatment program because it can be structured to suit the needs of the individual and for him it worked better than we could have ever imagined. I’m not going to lie and say he went off happily but once there he responded quickly working towards his recovery. He stayed for 3 months of primary care, receiving private counselling 3 times per week, wellness sessions, education and much more. We came and participated in family counselling, as well.

On completing the primary program at the Lighthouse, our son has decided to stay on in Bali and has started his second month of outpatient care with them, where he lives independently, has friends, works with his therapist, has 1:1 support working the 12 steps, attends yoga, keeps fit at the gym, attends meetings, belongs to the fellowship, meets with his sponsor and gives back by helping at the orphanage and in this way lives a quiet life within the beautiful spirit of Bali and its people.

We have just been to visit our son and he is sober, well and happy and looking forward to a positive future. Of course all credit goes to our son for finding the courage to take the steps toward recovery but also to Alice and Danu for their undivided attention and support throughout and to their staff and counsellors for their professionalism and guidance in helping our son on the road to recovery.

So for anyone who is reading this and is desperate like we were for their loved one, contact Alice so that she can tell you about The Lighthouse.

Grateful Parents
Adelaide, Australia

To prospective clients,

I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse The Lighthouse Bali. I have found The Lighthouse to be different from what I have experienced before in a rehab. I have been treated as an individual with my treatment plan tailored personally to me. My primary addiction is alcohol and prior to my arrival in Bali my life in Australia was a mess. Through gentle, respectful and caring support, The Lighthouse counselling staff has helped me to not only take responsibility for my addiction but also my life and for this I am forever grateful.

Their approach has been to develop a plan that treated all of me. From the physical (yoga three times a week, healthy nutritious meals cooked by our chef Harrison), to the mental, emotional and spiritual. The use and combination of several treatment therapies has meant that there was never something they couldn’t handle or assist me with – allowing me the opportunity to take responsibility for my own life and my own recovery.

I have discovered that I have my own journey and whilst my life story may vary from yours, I have witnessed the love, individual attention, measurable results and personal transformations that were common for all the clients that I shared my time with in rehab.


Kind Regards
Rebecca L.
Melbourne, Australia

Dear all at The Lighthouse
I am writing to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the help you gave me. After leaving rehab, once again, I was very nervous, given the fact this is usually the time things go wrong for me. After years of drug and alcohol use, rehabs and relapse, I realised I needed to do things differently. Accepting that I might not know best and that a level of support was needed upon leaving the rehab’s halfway house was a big step for me. I am very grateful for the way in which you were able to give me this support.

I found the fact that you were able to build a program to fit my needs incredibly helpful. With your encouragement and guidance, I feel I have finally been able to transition into a way of living that is realistic and sustainable. Furthermore, the on-going contact I have had with you since leaving The Lighthouse has ensured that I have had no time to feel isolated.
I am now coming up to two and a half years clean. I owe this largely to The Lighthouse and the people you have connected me with. The counselling and sober living house you referred me to have also been outstanding.

As a final note, I came to Bali highly sceptical of many other treatment approaches, particularly 12 step programs. Thanks to the non-dogmatic approach adopted by The Lighthouse and the fellowship here, I have found AA has formed the key part of my recovery.

Thank you for leading by example and inspiring me, thank you for helping me realise I can live a life that is both joyful and sustainable!


To Those in Need of a Safe Haven :

I would like to address this testimonial to those in a deep dark place… just as I was not that long ago. I was at a very low point in my life… well, I guess you could say I was pretty high all the time! All jokes aside… I really needed help.

The Lighthouse Bali is the perfect place for someone who is truly ready for change. The environment is perfect to sort you out. One-on-one individual treatment in beautiful Bali… not in a city detox with a room full of strung-out (fellow) junkies.

I felt really understood, respected and cared for at all times while at The Lighthouse… and, trust me, I am a bit of handful when it comes to getting my own way!

I was a mid-to-high level player caught up in some very serious stuff; I hopelessly getting high on my own supply. I was used to getting my way and doing more drugs than I thought were humanly possible. My detox seemed like it was going to be absolute Hell, and I was really coming into it with a lot of fear.

Luckily, the staff at The Lighthouse were not only professional, but comforting and relatable – they really took the time to listen to me and address my concerns. I felt all that drama melt away as they gave me a place to really sit and deal with myself.

On the days that I needed a friend, I had one; on the days when I needed guidance, I had a counsellor; and, on the days I needed to tweak out and wiggle and sweat and scream, I got to do that, too, in the comfort of a private bungalow with understanding support staff.

I was evaluated by a physician right away and was placed on a safe, medically assisted detox for my first several days – and that REALLY helped a ton. Seriously, a supervised medically assisted detox is the only way to go when you use like I did.

I’ve tried 6 times to get clean in serious attempts, paid 10 times the cost of The Lighthouse, and it was never this “easy.” Detox still sucks, but I’ve never had it like this. I am 2 months clean and sober now and the cravings have subsided, the “jimmy legs” are gone and the depression actually never got a chance to set in!

There is hope and life beyond addiction and it is SO much better than the desperation you must be in right now. I really can’t stress enough how much better I feel today.

Mother Bali takes care of those who are truly ready for her love… and, in my opinion, it’s so much easier to get clean and stay clean here. I have so much gratitude in my heart for The Lighthouse Bali.

Truly thank you,

Simply stated, Alice and Danu saved my brother’s life. I could leave it there, but as we know nothing about alcoholism is simple, and there is far too much I want to say about the care Alice and Danu provided to my brother in his hours of greatest need.
Watching a close family member suffer and not being able to help is excruciatingly painful. Being that powerless thousands of miles away (on the other side of the world), and knowing that without some intervening force that person you love could quite literally drown in his own alcohol addiction is the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced.

When we were losing hope, we found Alice. Alice and Danu removed my brother from his life-threatening situation and brought him to safety. They cared for him 24×7 while he detoxed and until he was safely in treatment. The level of care they provided was both kind and respectful, not only to my brother but to his family as well, as we were also in a dark and desperate place. They supported and guided us during the entire process, like family, and I truly felt like we were a team working together to get my brother well. They were sympathetic to what we were going through, and were a constant comfort during a very scary time. It certainly was not an easy journey, but it was successful – my brother remains in treatment for his addictions (something I thought would never happen). For that, I will be eternally grateful.

A month ago, Alice & Danu were strangers. Now they feel like family, and I would trust them with my life.

Tamara J.
Connecticut, USA

20 Something From Europe

The Lighthouse Bali saved my life. I had a problem with drugs and alcohol from a very young age. It started with smoking weed on a daily basis from 13 to 18 years old. From the age of 15 I started to use hard drugs as well. First only on weekends, but at the later stage in my life, I wasn’t happy and I started using more and more drugs not to feel the pain. On the end of my using it wasn’t social anymore. I started to isolate, use on my own and got into benders of 4-5 days in a dark room with myself and having psychoses.

I knew that the drugs had taken over any control I had over my own life. I was in the grip of the addiction and I was slowly losing everything and everybody around me. I knew I couldn’t continue like this and I almost didn’t want to live anymore. So I said to myself that I had to get myself into treatment and give myself one chance of overcoming addiction or I rather die.

Actually at this point my parents were involved, so my father has called Alice Dill (the founder of The Lighthouse) and explained my problem.

Alice was very understanding and was, for me and my parents, a good choice to go with. I have never regretted that choice.

All I got in The Lighthouse was personal care and attention. All the staff from The Lighthouse was super loving and kind. They helped me to get through the days without using. They introduced me to the 12 step program and the NA/AA meetings. They worked with me through the steps and I was able to have enough time for myself as well. They provided yoga, which I did every morning. I had a great AOD counselor. She has helped me to work through a lot of trauma and problems from my past.

The thing I liked the most about The Lighthouse was, that I was the only client, so I got real personal care and commitment. They always listened to my personal needs and adapted the program according to my wishes as long as it was safe for my recovery.

I am eternally grateful to The Lighthouse for saving my life and helping me to get back into the society. I am nine months clean now and I still live in Bali and setting up my own business here.

9 months ago I thought I had lost all and I had to start all over again, but I got returned so many new and better things now. I am living the dream and I plan to continue doing the things I have learned from the light house, because that keeps me clean and sober.

If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol The Lighthouse can help you to get back your life without using or drinking. I hope everybody gives themselves this chance.

Nicky B.

To those looking for help.
I came to The Lighthouse Bali in a lot of pain and beaten down by addition. I had a period of abstinence in my life from using drugs, but I couldn’t stop the inevitable relapses. The period I spent at The Lighthouse was honestly nothing short of life changing. I had completed several other rehabs in Australia and Asia, but the love, compassion and understanding that I received from The Lighthouse staff and counsellors was something I’ve never experienced from any other treatment facility.

I cannot express enough how important this was for me, coming from a place where I could not give myself any love at all, it helped breathe life into my spirit.

I had experienced the 12 step process before in recovery but this was certainly not pushed on me by Alice and Danu and in no way were they advocating any means of their own recovery formula onto me. They listened to me and talked to me and helped breathe life back into me. The treatment plan was very individual and personal and was tailored specifically for me, which helped with nutrition, having healthy cooked meals, yoga in the mornings and daily meetings, as well as counselling 3 times a week and also having great weekend trips and adventures.

I am forever grateful to Alice, Danu, the staff and counsellors for how they helped me not only get clean but also for their love and compassion.


As parents, we cannot thank The Lighthouse Foundation in Bali enough.

We had all but given up hope for our son after more than four tortuous years in and out of rehabs, half way houses and the final total despair of evicting him from our own home.

We always supported him in whatever way we could. We attended untold rehab sessions with and without our son in attendance, including our own personal family counseling sessions in the hope of learning more about this insidious disease of addiction.

Our son was always anxious to rehabilitate himself and after a particularly bad relapse he contacted The Lighthouse in Bali. He spent several months there in the care of Alice and Danu undergoing their 30 day personalised program and then they facilitated an aftercare program, which proved to be a wonderful way to start to achieve independent living with lots of backup. The open lines of communication with Alice always impressed us; something that we felt was lacking with other rehabilitation facilities. At the same time our communication with our son started to improve also. He left Bali several months ago but has remained in contact with Alice who continues to advise and guide him. For the first time in many years there are strong signs that out son’s life has been restored. There is hope where once there was very little.

He may have left the Island of Bali and the care of Alice and Danu but he carries the methods they taught him in learning to live and deal with the devil of addiction. He has now returned to his home in Australia where he is making new friends, restoring old ones and becoming self-sufficient in the work place. He never would have made it without them.

The Lighthouse Foundation provided the answers that so many other rehabs couldn’t. And for that reason, as parents we will be eternally thankful.

Mrs. M.W.
Melbourne, Australia