Sober Companion Services

What Is A Sober Companion?

In simple terms, a sober companion is someone with a solid foundation of personal recovery who assists you through the process of getting and staying sober.A sober companion, also called a sober coach, is often employed to accompany someone who leaves treatment for substance or alcohol abuse. Their focus is to provide additional support in the first few weeks or months of recovery.

These days, more and more people are engaging a sober companion to help them design and implement a personal program of recovery. Sober coach clients are often people who are unable to step away from their lives for 28 days or longer to attend a residential treatment program. There may be demanding business concerns or travel commitments that must be attend to.

Recovery Coach​

Your sober companion has a wealth of experience, strength and hope to share with you about getting, and staying, sober. He or she, will use a holistic approach to your recovery which takes into consideration your personal requirements and encompasses your psychological, social and spiritual needs.

Your sober companion will redirect your focus when you may feel triggered to drink or pick up drugs. Often, he or she will move in to your home for 24/7 support and is also able to travel with you, especially when a trip may be a trigger for relapse (such as weddings, funerals, special events, media appearances, reunions, sports events, tours).

Professional Care

Having a sober companion just might be the missing piece you need to stay away from that drink or drug.

Your sober companion is able to blend into any social situation and will always behave appropriately and with the utmost discretion. We really do understand and protect your anonymity. Your sober companion will discretely accompany you and will slide into whichever role is chosen – such as business colleague, assistant, friend or life coach. He or she will provide friendly, easy-going companionship and camaraderie in all situations.

Our sober companions have long-term recovery and a host of tools to ensure your program of recovery fits your specific needs.

Duty Of Care

The goal of your sober companion is to help you successfully tackle life on life’s terms, making it through good and bad times – things that in the past might have led you to reach for a drink or a drug. He or she will help you identify old patterns and behaviours and focus on the tools and solutions of recovery that lend themselves to a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Are you travelling to Bali? Your sober companion can meet you at the airport and stay with you for the duration of your stay whether it is for business, pleasure or an event. If you are concerned about the journey here, your sober companion can travel to your home country (or other location within Indonesia) and make the journey with you.

Are you travelling to or living in another part of Indonesia or oversees? Not a problem. Our sober companions can travel to you and stay with you for as long as you need.