Community Outreach Program

Committed to Local Communities in Bali

Community outreach is a cornerstone of The Lighthouse Bali – and one which our team are very passionate about.

Through the Lighthouse Bali’s non-profit organization, Yayasan Bali Mercusuar, we volunteer in the local community with educational lectures, workshops and by sharing our experience, strength and hope. Through our community outreach efforts, the Lighthouse Bali is making a difference!

Program Goals

The Lighthouse Bali’s community outreach programs are provided to a number of different facilities including schools and villages throughout Bali. Our programs provide information regarding the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs, signs of addiction, and both the long-term and short-term health impacts. We aim to educate communities and provide assistance to those affected.

The goals of our community outreach programs are simple:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction;
  • Provide information regarding locally available support groups, treatment centers and family support services for those suffering from addiction.

In order to educate the community regarding the dangers of addiction, as well as the real possibility of recovery and reintegration into society, our team and volunteers provide community outreach services in the following areas:

  • Local Civilian/Banjar Community Outreach
  • School Outreach
  • Hospital and Health Care Outreach
  • Active Using Community Outreach
  • Correctional Facility Outreach

Through volunteering in the local community with educational lectures, workshops and by the sharing our experience, strength and hope, The Lighthouse Bali is making a difference!

Drug and alcohol abuse is a huge problem in Indonesia and is continuing to grow. Millions of individuals are suffering and, unlike in most Western countries, government aid is not readily available for those without the financial means to afford private treatment.

Strict laws regarding possession of drugs are enforced, with little differentiation made between “users” “dealers” and “traffickers”. At the beginning of 2013, 133 people sat on death row in Indonesia – 71 of these individuals were convicted of drug offences. In 2014, attorneys in Indonesia began a focused effort to work with the court system to offer arrested “users” the opportunity to seek treatment in rehabilitation centers. The Lighthouse Bali looks forward to helping this major plan become a reality.

Since the 1990s, HIV/AIDS has become a major epidemic in Indonesia, with approximately 59% of new cases resulting from intravenous drug use. As a response to this, a number of non-profit organizations have collaborated with the government to provide drug, alcohol and HIV/AIDS education through community outreach. The Lighthouse Bali is honored to be included in this group of caring professionals.

If you would like us to provide outreach services to your business or community organization, please contact us. If you have the skills and would like to volunteer your services to participate in our outreach programs, we would be happy to hear from you.