Counseling and Education

Our Core Recovery Program is the backbone of the recovery process. It forms the foundation on top of which we build framework for a new life, comprised of one-on-one sessions with a clinical psychologist, recovery tools with your Peer Counselor, and Education Modules. We believe strongly in this three part approach to discuss all aspects of addiction and teach tools that will be used for the rest of your life. You become a collaborator with our Clinical Staff and Peer Counselors to ensure the most effective program possible.


In our recovery program you will receive One-on-One therapy with a licensed clinical psychologist 3 hours weekly. This counseling is a deeply effective means of discovering and healing causes and traumas that led to our addictions in the first place. Our international team of psychologists will be a guide and helping hand through your journey of self discovery.

Counseling alone is seldom enough as a standalone treatment for addictions, though when used in collaboration with addiction specific methods, is a potent and powerful tool to give you a firm foundation on which your recovery will be built. This is what makes the Lighthouse and our Flexible Recovery System unique and powerful, pulling all the best resources available and distilling them into a client focused and individual program.

Types of Counseling

Our counselors draw from a number of evidence based therapies in their practice, including cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR),
acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness based modalities.

Some of counselors also uses EMDR as a treatment modality specifically to assist people in overcoming and reprocessing simple and complex trauma. They all work from a holistic framework and understand the important relationship between our mental health and physical well being. 

Dynamic Recovery Education

Education Sessions

Our Education Modules were developed in conjunction with clinical psychologists and licensed medical professionals, which bring a new dynamic to addiction recovery. You will have 2 weekly education session with one of our trained educators. Covering everything from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Neuropsychology, these dense topics have been distilled to user-friendly tools that can help anyone.

Discussing topics such as The Addicted Brain, Self-Esteem, Managing Cravings and Triggers, Diffusing Thoughts; highly experienced educators bring practical use to innovative research. Promising you receive the best and most relevant care for your specific journey in recovery.

Recovery Tools

One unique feature of one-on-one care is 24 hour access to our team of recovery coaches and support workers who have all experienced the joy and freedom in recovery.

In our program there are daily recovery tool sessions with our recovery coaches and support workers will include a customized program based on the needs of every individual client.

We have adopted modalities from several different types of recovery programs but for each client we will modify the program to fit in with their unique needs and wants.


Life Coaching

Life coaching is a stimulating and creative partnership that will inspire you to accelerate your personal and professional potential, often exposing untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Using creative and innovative tools, you will work alongside your life coach to stimulate a deeper insight into your personal strengths and weaknesses, life goals and emotional make-up, and turn these into sustainable actions to create a more successful and enriched life of success and happiness. 

  • Develops a sense of purpose
  • Self-Awareness and Wellbeing
  • Promotes Manageability
  • Modifies Life Patterns

Wellness Assessment

The Custom Recovery System is a two-part program consisting of Flex and Core Modules. Our Wellness Coordinator will conduct a Wellness Assessment as part of your intake process to discuss your options of Flex Modules. She will meet with you weekly to discuss your progress and make suggestions of relevant modules to help you achieve your wellness goals in addition to your Core Recovery. We have painstakingly developed a wide range of therapies and modalities to fit as many possible needs and goals so tat you can have the broadest and most well rounded recovery experience possible.  

The core modules are essentials aspects of our  recovery program. These modules remain customizable in the sense that we choose the clinical psychologist, educator, and recovery coach for you depending on your specific needs and wants.