Dindha Febrianti

Yoga Instructor

Dindha Febrianti trained in the Ananda Marga Yoga program for her first 200 hours training in 2016, followed by obtaining an International RYS training for a further 200 hours in 2018. She is a certified yoga teacher by The School of Sacred Art by Simone Mackay and Randall O’Leary of the prestigious Yoga Barn, Ubud.

Through her years of experience, Dindha is able to create classes to suit individual needs and abilities. Whether she is teaching a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, Dindha’s sessions are designed to help individuals to overcome challenges and feel a sense of accomplishment. Dindha has experience working with those who suffer from physical disabilities, weakness or who are recovering from injuries, as well as those suffering from substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and trauma issues.

Her classes begin with simple breathing practices and meditation to help promote feelings of calm, focus and clarity. She incorporates various types of yogic breathing routines and meditation techniques that help clients in all aspects of their lives, not just on the yoga mat.

At The Lighthouse Bali, Dindha enjoys working with those beginning their path of recovery; her breathing techniques and restorative sessions help facilitate a smooth detox process for those who have just arrived and her Hatha and Vinyasa sessions help clients transition into a more active routine.

Dindha’s work with retreat participants provides the clients with tools they can utilize when addressing the issues they want to work on – whether anxiety, depression, trauma or burnout.

She loves being a part of The Lighthouse Bali – teaching people skills and techniques that they enjoy while in Bali and are able to take home and incorporate in their daily lives.