Kim Kushner BHSc

NUtritionist - naturopath

Kimberly Kushner BHSc (Nut. Med), BHSc (Naturopathy) is a naturopath and clinical nutritionist who places patient care and wellbeing as her utmost priority. Kimberly establishes a functional medicinal approach to enhance the treatment programs at The Lighthouse Bali. 

Kimberly’s application of nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, food and dietary therapy, along with follow-up integrative pathology testing (if necessary) is central to improving wellness and health – which facilitates the recovery process. Commonly faced obstacles when dealing with recovery include but are not limited to, concerns surrounding moods, cravings and sleep, digestive and hepatic health, hormonal health, and overall energy production. A large part of her naturopathic treatment is focused on stabilizing these factors through facilitating neurotransmitter balance, supporting adrenal health, optimizing gut function, and detoxification.  

Kimberly is passionate about her work and strives to bring about the best possible outcome whilst treating those in recovery as a whole individual, and supporting the body’s incredible ability to heal itself.