Dr. Julia A. Andre, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

trauma-informed Registered Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Andre is a qualified trauma-informed Registered Clinical Psychologist.

She has completed eight years of University level training, with a total of three degrees.

Since receiving her clinical training in Europe, Dr. Andre has lived and worked in Asia for almost ten years and during this time, has encountered many clients of all ages, cultures, religious beliefs, and backgrounds.

Dr. Andre’s work is built on the concept of integrative trauma therapy (i.e., Schema Therapy and EMDR therapy), focussing on shaping awareness and facilitating an understanding of problematic behavioral patterns and healing trauma which often lead to prolonged suffering and emotional distress.  Her curious, open-minded and compassionate attitude continues to help many clients heal from their trauma wounds.

Dr. Andre profession is dedicated to intensive trauma treatment which move away from the traditional weekly therapy model and into a more intensive treatment to facilitate the client’s healing journey.

With Dr. Andre being bilingual, she is able to conduct her therapy in both English and German. 

Registered Clinical Psychologist (Health & Care Professions Council)

Registered Psychologist (Hong Kong Psychological Society)

Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society)

Registered Applied Psychology Practice Supervisor (British Psychological Society)