personal trainer

Arie Sanjaya

Personal Trainer

Arie Sanjaya was born and raised in Denpasar, Bali. His mother originating from Bali and his father from Yogyakarta; Arie has spent his life deeply emerged in both Balinese and Javanese culture.

From a young age, Arie was passionate about fitness and involved in a variety of different sporting activities. His main focus was competitive swimming and eventually migrated towards boxing, rugby, and mixed martial arts.

Arie began his fitness career as a swimming coach and lifeguard in Denpasar, Bali at the age of 30. There he assisted many young swimmers in reaching their peak potential. Later on, he accepted a position in Sumbawa at “Bali Health Center” where he was trained to teach health and wellness with a majority focus on strength training and agility.

Since leaving his career in Sumbawa 10 years ago, Arie has developed a well-established personal training business in Bali. He has found an additional niche for himself working with those in addiction treatment and those participating in stress, anxiety, burnout and wellness retreats.  

Arie’s work with The Lighthouse Bali also focuses on helping clients to create a fitness routine that can be maintained when they return to the demands of daily life at home. Arie is known for creating fun, yet challenging, programs. His passion is helping people to develop and maintain motivation to work towards, and achieve, their fitness goals.