Aftercare, The Key to Long-Term Success

Long-Term Support After Treatment Translates to Long-Term Success After Treatment

Congratulations! You have completed a rehab program. The common pitfall in these moments is to think you have completed the program, and that no further work is necessary. Addiction is a disease, but not in the same way the flu or cancer is. If you have cancer or the flu a battery of tests can be administered to confirm you have the disease. And from the outcome of those tests a treatment plan can be created. That plan will have an ending (hopefully a healthy outcome) and you can continue on with your life. The disease of addiction is not curable. It takes a constant treatment plan that will need to be implemented for a lifetime. This may be daunting, but a solid aftercare plan makes this much more manageable by creating a daily practice.

What’s Next

Reintegrating into life at home after treatment can be tough. We are faced with relationships that might have been damaged by our using, home and work lives that might be unhealthy, and integrating into a fellowship community where we can feel safe and supported. The purpose of treatment is to offer tools and techniques for these moments. It is the foundation on which we build our future. The rich wonderful life we are promised in recovery. It is very easy to fall back into old patterns of behavior, after all we have much more experience being unhealthy than healthy. Consistent contact with an Aftercare Coordinator greatly increases your chances of success.

What is Aftercare?

At The Lighthouse Bali, the spirit of our customize inpatient and outpatient programs extends to our Aftercare as well. Before discharge, clients meet with our Aftercare Coordinator. A Relapse Prevention Plan is established based on the individual needs of each client. Support is there for every client in whatever fashion is best suited for their individual growth, not a cookie cutter program they are forced to adhere to. Some like to continue working with the therapist they developed a relationship through treatment. Whether face to face in transitional living in Bali, or video calls internationally. Some prefer help to find a 12 step support system in their home town. Our aftercare coordinator will check in often to support accountability. Whether its once a week, or once a month, whatever is deemed best with input from the client. Whether deciding on a rehab in Bali or abroad we recommend looking into what the aftercare program is. It can sometimes be the make or break for success on exiting an inpatient facility.


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