Art Therapy in Recovery


Being creative promotes a state of ‘flow’. Which can be like the act of meditation. This is good news for those who want to be successful in recovery but do not like meditation or find it challenging.

Creative expression workshops are used to help you recognize your emotions and connect with them. Also, processing feelings such as guilt and shame which are often present in people struggling with addiction.

Art, writing, or music can be used to help you to both recognize and describe how you feel. Creative workshops can be a good start for people to gradually open up and process painful experiences. Remember, you do not have to be an artist to practice creative expression.


Ways to use creativity in your healing process are keeping a journal, painting, music, and even dance. The simple answer to who they’re for is – everyone.

Using creative outlets can have a significant therapeutic effect. Different materials and techniques can give you a voice you might not have otherwise had. The importance is not focused on these emotions being named, but instead allowing yourself the opportunity for your feelings to flow through you onto the paper, or into anything you create, offering a sense of release.

We offer varieties of creative expression workshops at The Lighthouse Bali, which can involve aspects of Music, Art and Drama depending on each client’s interests and journey. Below, are some examples of creative expressions, and their benefits in supporting you through your journey in recovery.


Music is incredibly emotional, which is no wonder why it can be used as a process for self-expression and therapy. Immersing yourself within music and expressing your emotions through song writing, playing an instrument or dancing is a great way to allow you to acknowledge your feelings and learn about yourself on a deeper level. In early recovery our dopamine levels are usually unbalanced. Music provides a healthy experience with natural dopamine.

Music Therapy can reduce physical pain and stress, decrease anxiety and depression, reduce feelings of loneliness, increase focus, and improve sleep.


For people starting their journey in recovery, the hardest thing to express sometimes is not emotional pain or distressing memories, but in fact, hope. The process of creating art can promote a sense of positivity and freedom.

Through our art workshops at The Lighthouse Bali, you can explore and visualize your authentic self, while developing new rewarding expressive abilities.

Examples of Art workshops are Synaesthesia painting (responding to music through paint), self-portraiture, landscape painting, or the creation of vision boards. These artistic activities promote lasting mental health, and help combat the chemical imbalances in the brain that may lead to depression.

Bali offers exquisite art experiences such as galleries, local street art, and art performances. With research showing that viewing art produces “the same chemical response as love”, The Lighthouse can arrange inspiring trips to view the most beautiful art on the island.


Like music, drama can also be a powerful creative outlet. It can enhance your self-confidence, promote your intuition and creativity and boost your social skills. In other words, drama invites clients to act out thoughts and emotions and practice being the person they want to be in the future. It is also proven to reinforce proactive choices and improve inter-personal skills.

As well as using drama to explore your future, it can be used to view the past and provide insights concerning behaviors and actions and the impact these had on others. Long-term substance abuse can lead to emotional stagnation. Drama can help clients to reacquaint themselves with their feelings and explore positive ways of developing relationships with others.

Creativity is not limited to someone who is already involved in the arts. Creativity is something we all have. Creative expression breaks us out of our traditional patterns to approach things from a different angle.

Therapy Through the Arts

The Lighthouse Bali sees the importance of creative therapies for people in addiction recovery. Creative expression offers support to our clients in processing human emotions that can be hard to talk about. It helps create self-esteem and resolve issues that seemed difficult to deal with in the past.

Our qualified Performing Artist and Educator has created a variety of activities that use creative expression to support you on your journey in recovery.

These creative workshops at The Lighthouse Bali are tailored to suit your passions and interests, and will be designed with you, for you.

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