Getting Help While On Lockdown: Online Therapy And Counselling

Coronavirus Is Leaving Many People Feeling Isolated and Alone

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is continuing to affect countless lives on a global scale, and whilst many of us stay at home in order to stay safe from the virus, our mental health and wellbeing are being impacted.

The beginning of lockdown offered us time to recoup, relax, and somewhat respect some much needed time off from our busy lives and busy schedules, and we found solace in the safety of our homes. With Covid-19 showing no sign of easing off the gas any time soon, this sense of isolation has become somewhat of an imprisonment for some with more people struggling to cope with the emotional strains of the unknown.

Fear, anxiety, frustration, and grief are being felt by many, and these emotions can act as triggers in resurfacing unresolved issues, old habits, and emotional traumas.

Whist we remain within our homes and told to stay positive, this can be somewhat of a challenge when attempted on our own. Rest assured, there are many services still available to support you during this time, services that will help you in utilising this time effectively to become the person you strive to be.

Here at The Lighthouse Bali, we have carefully curated online services which can be accessed within the comfort of your own home in order to support you with transitioning from a place of fear and anxiety into a place of growth and self-awareness.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we find ourselves in need of support. Today, the stigma of seeking self-help is dissipating due to many of us experiencing the numerous advantages of talking through our issues with a professional, as opposed to keeping them bottled up. Having a professional available to assist you in processing your emotions and turning towards positive actions, in a healthy way, is both significant and effective. The psychologists and therapists at The Lighthouse Bali are trained to do just this.

With the internet dominating both our social and professional lives, more people are turning to online counselling and therapy, with recent studies proving it is an effective tool for overcoming personal, as well as professional, issues. Much has been discussed about the advantages of both therapy and counselling. Counselling and therapy can help you address issues that are causing you distress, help you gain self-awareness and support you to turn towards positive actions that will support your goals. Our professionals have a wealth of education and experience in these areas and have a range of modalities to help you on your journey.

Online therapy and counselling have become common practices often preferred by clients. These services have been effective in bridging the gap that can sometimes exist with traditional face to face sessions such as accessibility, convenience, and availability. Online therapy and counselling serve a broad demographic of clients, especially those who live in rural areas where in-person services by trained professionals may not be available.

Individuals who utilize online counselling services often feel a unique sense of security as triggers, turmoil and other issues are addressed. They feel a unique sense of anonymity whilst being in the comfort of their own home. One of the advantages of using this style of therapy is that people are finding it easier delve into the heart of their issues more quickly, resulting in a faster healing experience.

At The Lighthouse Bali, we offer professional therapy with qualified international clinical psychologists from Australia, U.S.A., Italy, UK, and New Zealand. The Lighthouse therapists are available for one-to-one sessions via all leading videoconferencing methods.  Our therapists offer treatment for a wide range of issues including addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, and more. 

During this time, beneficial treatments such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness Based Therapy, Family Systems and Positive Psychology are among some of the effective treatments we offer to deal with fear, stress and anxiety.

The Lighthouse Bali offers a selection of effective services which can be conducted over Skype, or other videoconferencing methods. All of our services are available to individuals, adolescents, couples, and families and include:

At the Lighthouse Bali, we have many additional types of holistic therapies and coaching available including: Life Coaching, Nutritional Restoration, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Focusing, Breathwork, IFS, and more.

For more information on all our services, please visit our website.

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