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Comprehensive Holistic Care

Addiction Program

A complete drug and alcohol rehab program based on our proprietary Custom Recovery System. You are provided with private accommodation, 24 hour support, customizable meal plans, and treatment plan built around you. Our Custom Recovery System is broken into Core Modules, consisting of Addiction Education, Therapy sessions with a western licensed psychotherapist, and Recovery Tools. Elective Flex modules are supplement therapy and activities include experiential therapy, physical training, yoga and much more.

Outpatient Programs are best suited for clients needing extra support after leaving a primary program. Either from Lighthouse, another treatment center in Bali, or internationally. The transitional period from inpatient rehab to our normal life can be jarring and a comprehensive outpatient prograam can mean the differnce between long-term success and relapse. 

If you are looking for a truly unique five-star experience in a stunning tropical environment, you have come to the right place. The Lighthouse Bali is happy to offer you a breathtaking luxury villa with gold star standards, combined with a bespoke professional treatment program. In addition to twenty-four hour support from experienced counselors, you will enjoy your own private in-house chef, twenty-four hour concierge services, your own private driver and more. Every detail of your stay will be hand crafted to your unique needs and preferences. No detail too small, no request too large.

Having a sober companion just might be the missing piece you need to stay away from that drink or drug.

Your sober companion is able to blend into any social situation and will always behave appropriately and with the utmost discretion. We really do understand and protect your anonymity. Your sober companion will discretely accompany you and will slide into whichever role is chosen – such as business colleague, assistant, friend or life coach. He or she will provide friendly, easy-going companionship and camaraderie in all situations.