What Is An Online Recovery Program?

An online recovery program is designed to help you embrace sober living in a healthy and balanced way. Your online program will provide you with the tools and support you need to achieve a happy and fulfilling life without alcohol or other substances. Our online recovery programs include all of the components of our residential program that can be carried out online (see inclusions below).

What are the Benefits of an Online Recovery Program?

There are multiple benefits to online programs, some of which include:

  • A comprehensive program of recovery from home, without the need to attend a residential or outpatient facility
  • 24/7 online support
  • No need to take extensive time off work or explain your circumstances to your employer
  • No time away from family or friends
  • Complete confidentiality
  • A program of recovery tailormade to your personal wants, needs and circumstances
  • Weekly schedules which fit around your existing commitments
  • No transitional ‘returning to normal life’ period after your program
  • Structure, support and managing recovery in the ‘real world’
  • An ongoing plan for living after the end of your program
  • Financially more accessible then a residential program
  • Extensive Relapse Prevention Planning and Aftercare follow-up

Who Can Take an Online Recovery Program?

Anyone at any stage of recovery can start an online recovery program. If you have already stopped drinking or using, you can start immediately. Anyone who has just returned home from a residential program and/or an outpatient recovery program, can also take an online recovery program.

If you are still drinking or using you may also be able to start an online recovery program straight away. For those still actively drinking or using there will be an initial suitability assessment by our client care coordinator. It may be that you need to complete a detox program for safety reasons before starting your online program. Wherever possible we will assist you with guidance regarding local detox care. If you are not sure about whether or not you will need to detox, our client care coordinator will be able to guide you, based on your current situation.

What’s Included?

An online recovery program includes all the elements of a residential program that can be conducted online. You will be provided with a tailormade weekly schedule, which you will help to create alongside you peer counsellor, to fit around your wants, needs and circumstances.

All programs include a suitability and needs initial assessment, 24/7 support via phone, chat or video link, structured weekly schedules, a personal online consultation with one of our wellness practitioners or personal trainers and a professional personal recovery team, chosen to match your needs.

Each week your schedule will include 3 counselling sessions, 5 peer counselor sessions, 2 education sessions (including relapse prevention planning) and 3 flex sessions. Flex sessions are wellness sessions; you have several options to choose from including yoga, personal training, life coaching, nutritional assessments and planning, Trauma Release Exercises and Qigong.

How Does it Fit Around My Schedule?

Online recovery programs are scheduled around you as much as possible. We ultimately want you to succeed and this means making sure that you have an achievable weekly schedule. Recovery should be your number one priority during your program. We understand that you will have other commitments which need taking into account too, and these will be included in your schedule, for example family time, socializing and work commitments.

What If I’m Not Sure I Can Stop?

A level of commitment is required on both sides to ensure your success and this will be addressed in your initial consultation. Willingness is the key to success and if you are willing to try, and willing to keep an open mind, then you have made your first steps in recovery. If you have a desire to stop drinking and/or using, or a desire to maintain your current sobriety, then you are ready to start an online program.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We will ask you for some basic information prior to your consultation, including details about your drinking and/or using history.

For more information, advice about your suitability for an online program, or to schedule a consultation, contact us on info@thelighthousebali.org

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