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With over 2.4 million results for subjects such as sober festivals, yoga retreats, resorts and holidays, it is evident that people are beginning to see that a life of sobriety offers the opportunity to broaden your experiences in life rather than limit them.

A sober retreat. What is it? Is it aimed for someone who has recently turned to sobriety and is looking for support during the early stages of their journey? Is it for someone who has years of sobriety and simply needs a refresh of the mind? Maybe it is aimed at those who are experiencing a time of weakness; a time where they need a helping hand? Or perhaps it is for those who are celebrating their strengths during sobriety, and simply want to treat themselves?

The sober retreat here at The Lighthouse, is for all of those individuals; every stage, every situation, every journey. A retreat is described as a quiet or secluded place for someone to visit in order to relax and rest.  With ‘treat’ being the main body of the word, this cannot, and should not, go unnoticed. Here at The Lighthouse, whilst we offer a quiet place for someone to visit in order to relax and rest, the word ‘treat’ is embodied in all we do.

For someone that has had the opportunity to visit many countries around the world, it has not been difficult when awarding Bali with the ‘Destination of Dreams’ award.  Bali was one of the destinations that I first visited during my travels of the globe and self. There is something about this special island that not only invites you to learn about new culture, but also yourself; maybe a part of you that has been lost during your journey, or a part of you that is yet to be discovered.

A sense of community is weaved throughout the streets of this vibrant island, with locals welcoming you into their lives with friendly smiles, and a myriad of cultures and characters crossing paths and connecting through workshops, holistic classes and mixed events.  This strong sense of support and acceptance is shared within Bali’s blossoming AA family; a community which echoes that of the island’s, and continues to grow with newcomers, visitors, and locals.

Spiritual positivity and nurture flows through the Bali’s veins with a variety of conscious practices to keep evil spirits at bay. Titled ‘the islands of the Gods’, combining Hinduism with some Buddhist mythology, ancestral spirits, animism, magic and indigenous deities, each road and junction across Bali is protected with a screen called ‘aling aling’, intended to keep out evil spirits. What better place to be if you also find yourself at a crossroads in your life, or in need of protecting yourself from unsettling thoughts.

With over 1,200 spas scattered across Bali, it is no surprise that health and well-being is at the forefront of this island’s priorities, and it is evident that people visit this lushes island for that same reason. With ripples of beach cafes and restaurants serving clean, nutritious foods washed down with chilled classes of Kombucha and fresh coconuts, it is clear that this is a destination where people come to invest in their mind and body; something that often gets overlooked or compensated in our everyday lives.

The Lighthouse believes that looking after your body and mind is not a form of indulgence but a necessity. It is however, the experiences and opportunities that are offered, which introduce this sense of indulgence and ‘treat’ as they strongly believe that everyone deserves a little luxury. I shan’t argue. 

The prospect of facing new journeys, old habits, undiscovered destinations, and unidentified emotions can seem somewhat overwhelming, especially when contemplating doing it alone. This journey does not have to be travelled alone. With the support of The Lighthouse, visitors are provided with safe, comfortable and effective experiences within a welcoming and supportive environment. Such opportunities should evoke celebration, liberation and freedom, and The Lighthouse provides the support and tools to ensure this.

Their programs are aligned with the Balinese philosophy of “Tri Hita Karana”; bringing together spirituality and humanity; two things which are embedded throughout the island.  Providing a balanced program of both new and sustained recovery, you receive medical treatment, one to one counseling sessions, educational and wellness programs, including recreational activities. This is not just a program to overcome addiction, but an opportunity to build on self-esteem, acceptance and harmony.

With personalised workshops stemming from nutritionists, hypnotherapy, meditation, creative therapies, and yoga, The Lightouse view self-care and well-being as something which should be enjoyed and cherished; memories which focus on and beyond sobriety, and delve into something much more personal; you.

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