The Five Benefits of a One-On-One Bespoke Treatment Program

Unlike group treatment programs, where other people experiencing similar issues as you are present, only you and your therapist will be involved in one-on-one treatment sessions which are geared towards issues and goals specific to you.

What it Means to be Trauma-Informed

Fortunately, the mental health educational landscape has evolved to include trauma-informed awareness and best practices over recent decades.

Healthcare professionals, leaders, mental health practitioners, and those working in various other professions aspire to be more trauma-informed in their work, which is profoundly reassuring.

Understanding and cultivating trauma-informed principles and values helps healthcare professionals (and those working in other industries) to better serve the needs of those under their care.

Working Out Recovery

Fitness and Recovery

Staying clean and sober is more than not drinking or using. It is about caring for your well-being as a whole. The right fitness routine can help you find a healthy balance of body, mind, and spirit. Find out more here…

Art Therapy in Recovery

Around the clock peace of mind seems like an impossible task. The Idealism of lofty gurus and monks is that they have devoted their lives to meditation and spiritual matters, shuttered in monasteries and temples high on distant mountain tops. Lots of ways exist to bring a sense of ease and comfort in our lives. We don’t all have to put on robes and sit for hours on end. A powerful tool that can be adopted and applied by everyone is simple: Gratitude.