Julie Ahlrich​

Medical Director


Julie Ahlrich, MSN FNP CNS, is a graduate of The University of Iowa and The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, where she completed 2 master’s degrees: one as a Family Nurse Practitioner and the other as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in public health. FNP Ahlrich has been working in primary care for the last 20 years, providing care in the diverse and multicultural communities of Washington, DC and on a Native American Reservation in South Dakota. She also has extensive experience working internationally in Haiti, Russia, the Dominican Republic, Lesotho, Vietnam and Indonesia. This experience gives her vast knowledge of how different cultures perceive medical care and experience illness.

During the entirety of her career, FNP Ahlrich has worked extensively with clients who live with substance abuse issues, stemming from her background as an HIV specialist. It is her belief that given the opportunity to change and proper support, people with addictions can and will transition to a life of sobriety which can transform their own lives and the lives of their family.

As an Assistant Clinical Professor at the George Washington University College of Medicine from 2011 until 2014, FNP Ahlrich taught and trained nurse practitioner and medical students in community-based primary care services. Her love of teaching extends beyond the classroom and is found in every client encounter she has. It is her strong desire to use these experiences to assist the Lighthouse in providing culturally sensitive care to individuals and families needing drug treatment services in Bali.