Substance Addiction

Substance Addiction takes many names and many forms. A common misconception about addiction is that you have to look like an addict, or that you use schedule one narcotics. When we say look like an addict, we’re referring to the classic trope you see on TV and in films. Homeless, shabby, a criminal. But there are just as many ‘middle-class’ and probably even more ‘upper-class’ addicts than any other category. Substance Addiction can start innocently enough. After an operation you were given painkillers to help manage the pain. Soon, you’re finishing your script a few days ahead of time. Then a week. Then it’s gone days after its issued. Then you’re filling it at multiple pharmacies. In action, it’s no different than a street user. 


Substance addiction caries a component of withdrawal. Many addicts report using more and more simply to not have to feel withdrawal symptoms. This causes the use to increase incrementally as well as more and more frequently. Rising to sometimes dangerous levels. At this point overdose becomes likely, and the using controls the user. 

No matter where on the scale you are finding yourself, two things are certain. One, how much you are using and where on the scale you are, it will get worse eventually. Two, there is help and a way out. No one is immune from recovery no matter how high or low your ‘bottom’ is. 

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