Food Coordinator

Putu Rika Oktaviani

Food Coordinator

Putu Rika Oktaviani, known as Rika, is a Balinese trained private chef. Rika’s culinary qualifications were gained at the Vocational School and Academy, Bali in 2014 and she also holds the professional HACCP Food Handler Certification from the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance as well as ISO 14001 (Kitchen Best Practices).

Rika develops personalized menus for clients according to both their dietary and nutritional needs as well as their personal preferences. Rika’s creativity in the kitchen never fails to impress. Sourcing the highest quality and freshest ingredients produced within Bali, Rika is able to create nutritionally balance meals which look stunning and taste incredible.

Rika works closely with our clinical and nutritional team to fully understand the needs of clients while working directly with the client to create dishes to their liking. Working for years as a private chef, Rika understands the importance of delivering food to the highest standards and of consistent quality.

Rika enjoys the challenge of creating healthy food which plays an important role in The Lighthouse Bali recovery programs for clients both nutritionally and emotionally.