Nancy March Clinical Therapist

Nancy Marsh, BSc, MSc,

Consulting Psychologist


Nancy obtained a master’s degree in forensic psychology in the UK before starting her career working for the UK’s National Health Service within psychiatric hospitals, prisons, and community services.

Nancy has specialised primarily as a Dual Diagnosis Practitioner – supporting those with both mental health and addiction issues. She believes in the importance of enabling people to understand the relationship between their past experiences, thoughts, feelings, and addictive behaviours, and supporting them to change the patterns which have kept them trapped in an unhappy cycle.
Nancy uses a combination of psychodynamic psychotherapy approaches and mindfulness to support the development of greater awareness within the individual, and cognitive behavioural therapy to encourage change. She has supported many men and women with this approach, helping them to achieve their recovery-related goals.  

Outside of her professional life, Nancy is an avid animal-lover who has dedicated much of her spare time to volunteering at animal rescue and rehabilitation centers.