Fiona Markham

Clinical Advisor


Fiona has post-graduate training in the UK and Europe, in both Psychotherapy and Mental health. Her clinical studies have focused on substance use disorder and psychodynamic therapy models. She has conducted research into attachment disorder in addictions and continues to develop innovative and experiential approaches across the mental health spectrum. She is a supervisor and trainer of clinicians and has delivered lectures and training across the globe. Fiona is a certified trauma specialist.

Fiona’s career has taken her around the world, with recent projects in the US, Europe, India, Middle East and South East Asia. She’s educated clinicians in substance misuse and continually champions the development of ethical best practices in clinical settings. She has a specialized interest in borderline personality disorder, in both men and women, as well as action methods and creativity in treatment settings.

Fiona has spent many years specializing in the treatment of the addict and the addicted family system with families in ‘at home’ settings; treating the family system as a whole. Many of Fiona’s patients have been in the public eye, celebrities, royalty and the super-rich.

Fiona enjoys the role of international consulting psychologist with The Lighthouse Bali.