Damien Barendregt

Client Care Cooridnator


Damien Barendregt is an Australian citizen, now residing in Bali. It was The Lighthouse Bali program which first brought Damien to the island several years ago. The treatment program made a deep impact on him and he embraced every aspect of it and continues a life of purposeful sobriety today with the foundation built at The Lighthouse Bali. Following a strong foundation in recovery, Damien began working at The Lighthouse Bali, initially as a support worker and later as a peer counsellor. Damien has moved into the role of Client Care Coordinator where he is the primary contact for every client, ensuring that every aspect of their care is handled professionally, with respect and compassion. He also enjoys a role on the management team of The Lighthouse Bali, where his strong determination and passion for the team are apparent. Damien’s prior experience includes management positions in the fast-paced retail and medical industries, both of which lend themselves nicely to his success at The Lighthouse Bali.

With decades of substance dependency behind him, and now enjoying continual years of experience in recovery, he is able to relate well to others who are experiencing the same battle of addiction and need for recovery. He is in a unique position to offer them his own experience of finding hope and a new way of life through The Lighthouse Bali. Damien knows only too well the feeling of being a new client at the Lighthouse Bali; he treats all clients with empathy and compassion. Damien’s obvious passion is about supporting others through their own journey to recovery.  He attributes his personal spiritual growth, which is vital for recovery, to his ongoing work with clients in addition to the immeasurable guidance and support he has received through the fellowship in Bali and working the 12 steps. Damien has transformed his life and looks forward to continuing to share his journey with others, inspiring them to follow a similar path. On a personal note, Damien enjoys travel and spending time with family and friends.