Yayuk “Ayu” Fatmawati

General Manager & Charity Director

Ayu has been with The Lighthouse Bali team since 2016 as the General Manager and Charity Director. She finds that her firm grasp of 12-Step philosophies and holistic practices enable her to work well with clients from all over the world. Ayu spends time ensuring that each and every client at The Lighthouse Bali has a program that is both effective and efficient during their stay.

Born and raised in Denpasar, Bali, Yayuk “Ayu” Fatmawati, has over ten years of personal recovery from drugs and alcohol. As a bilingual woman and mother of two, she has a vast amount of experience to share with others.

Ayu also works closely with The Lighthouse Bali’s Outreach Team, assisting with translations when needed, coordinating food and supplies to deliver to the less fortunate and interacting with village or neighbourhood associations. As an Indonesian, Ayu is able to explain the unique circumstances of those in need of The Lighthouse Bali’s outreach services to our clients and formulate an appropriate outreach activity. Along with other members of The Lighthouse Bali team, Ayu particularly enjoys the outreach activities that are geared toward education and support of Indonesian drug users and alcoholics – the substance abusers are first taught harm reduction strategies, including HIV/Aids awareness and education, and then assisted to transition through to abstinence and a sober way of life.

Ayu spent a number of years working with Yayasan Kesehatan Bali (“Yakeba”), a non-profit Indonesian foundation that focuses on public health issues in general and, more specifically, on issues of drug and alcohol addiction. Ayu was trained to work with substance abusers at Yakeba, and was also trained in HIV/Aids and human rights advocacy – programs that are very much her passion today.