R Aryo Dewa Bharata S

Operations Manager

Aryo Dewa Bharata was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2010, he made the decision to relocate to Bali.  Seeking a fresh start on the “Island of Gods,” he landed in the quaint mountain town of Ubud.

For the past two decades, Aryo has been actively involved in the creative industry, specializing in illustration, graphic design, brand visual identity, website and animation development, and art direction. However, his recent decision to join The Lighthouse Bali marked a pivotal shift in his career path. Recognizing the importance of prioritizing the well-being of individuals over spending endless hours in front of a computer and managing a team of artists, Aryo felt compelled to redirect his focus towards operations management and helping others in a professional capacity.

As the Operations Manager at The Lighthouse Bali, Aryo’s primary objective is to ensure the seamless delivery of services to the clients and the smooth operation of the organization. He handles all aspects of the day-to-day operations of company, focusing on every detail – from the front-end details of a client’s arrival through to the final stages of each program.

In 2011, Aryo embarked on his own personal journey of recovery, completely abstaining from any mood-altering substances. Through his recovery, Aryo has discovered the power of selfless service to others, which has been instrumental in maintaining his clean and sober lifestyle. He brings these assets into all areas of his life – both personal and professional, focusing on the values of honesty, patience, kindness and service.