Can Alcoholics Control Drinking?

control drinking

It is tempting, after a period of sobriety, for an alcoholic to think they are cured and can control drinking. Controlled drinking for an alcoholic is an illusion. Find out why here…

Addiction Relapse 101

addiction relapse

Addiction relapse happens but it can be prevented. Find out more about how to avoid relapse and how to handle it if it occurs…

Staying Sober at Christmas

sober christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time for those who are in recovery – but it doesn’t need to be. Take a look at our top tips for surviving the festive season, here – You might even enjoy it!

Working Out Recovery

Fitness and Recovery

Staying clean and sober is more than not drinking or using. It is about caring for your well-being as a whole. The right fitness routine can help you find a healthy balance of body, mind, and spirit. Find out more here…

Understanding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Understanding CBT

With regard to addiction counselling, cognitive behavioral therapy helps people address problematic thoughts and feelings towards alcohol or their substance of choice.. Find out more here…

Handling Finances in Recovery

addiction recovery finances

Rebuilding your finances is an important part of your recovery and early recovery can be an especially challenging time. Find out more here…