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Bali Sober Retreat

Support, at every stage of your journey

Life is a manifestation of growth. Physical growth, emotional growth, spiritual growth, and mental growth. Even after we’ve began our recovery journey, or even years and decades down the path, Life still happens. At The Lighthouse Bali, we wish to be a helping hand and guiding force to everyone, no matter where on their journey they are. If you’re new in recovery and recently completed an in-patient program but want to gain a stronger footing before returning to your life. Or if you have a few years and want to reconnect to your program and dedicate time to become more intimate with yourself. Or if you have long-term sobriety and have had a traumatic life event, or simply wish to get ‘back to basics’; The Lighthouse is here for you.

 Any program that does not include you as a collaborator is simply insufficient to produce lasting and effective results. We have developed an innovative one-on-one, individual bespoke program designed to support anyone in any walk of life and stage of recovery to gain the support they need. Every aspect of your stay and program is custom tailored to your individual goals and needs. You can choose to focus on counseling and psychotherapy to heal lingering traumas. Get back to basics with intensive 12 step work. Focus on health and wellbeing with Breathwork, Personal Training, Yoga. Whatever your individual needs are, The Lighthouse wants to be there to give you the bespoke support you need, at any stage in your recovery. 

What Is An Individual Sober Retreat?

The sober retreat here at The Lighthouse is for all individuals; every stage, every situation, every journey. You will be provided with a private villa, a bespoke recovery program of your own design, access to an extensive catalogue of treatments and therapies, weekend excursions and activities, as well as little or as much support staff as you see necessary. Each program is as unique as the client enjoying it, custom tailored to provide support in the specific areas you need. We create a healing space for you to safely and comfortably deal with whatever issues you’re dealing with at any given moment. Use it as a space to heal from specific traumas that are causing negative patterns in your life. Use it as a recovery “top up”. Or as a transitionary program before returning to your daily life, post inpatient. We are here to support you, on your level – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Retreat Features

A tailor made, bespoke retreat for your individual journey. Stick with what works, skip what doesn’t

Any stage of sobriety, any needs. Wether transitionary, or a recovery ‘top up’ to get back to basics

One-on-one care. As much or as little staff and therapy as you find necessary. Brought to you in your residence

Private, luxury villas within walking distance of white sand beaches

Comfortable, caring and serene environment on your terms

An opportunity to condition your physical, emotional and spiritual development

Why Bali?

With the island being home to over 1,200 spas, 10,000 temples, 20,000 shrines, and hailed as one of the best destinations in the world for practicing yoga, it is no surprise that Bali is a popular destination for people that wish to experience something more than just a holiday.  Although the locals live a somewhat simple life, their smiles, warmth for others, and spiritual awareness is empowering and invites you to question and learn about the real meaning of life itself.

This strong sense of support and acceptance is shared within Bali’s blossoming 12 step family; a community which echoes that of the island’s, and continues to grow with newcomers, visitors, and locals.


International Wellness Destination

 Bali is a worldwide destination for retreats of all kinds. At The Lighthouse Bali sober retreat, you are able to absorb the real beauty of the island and its culture, scenery and people. With a tailored program, our support team will be available as often or as little as needed during your time here, accompanying you as you settle into paradise.

Bali has become to the hub for health, mindfulness and well-being, with people visiting the island from around the globe in order to condition their physical, emotional and spiritual growth.


Retreat Accomodation

Prepare to be enveloped in all that Bali has to offer from the comfort of your own private luxury villa. All villas come equipped with AirCon in all bedrooms, private swimming pools, daily housekeeping service, your choice of closed living areas or enjoy your stay the Bali way with open air common areas. Lunch and dinner are catered by our in house chef. Option to work with a Physical therapist or Nutritionist are available on request, and any and all dietary requirements can be accommodated. Breakfast foods and fruit of your choosing will be made available in your villa. In addition, weekends we encourage you to dine in the hundreds of restaurants in the area. Any cuisine you could wish for is available, though we encourage you to try the rich and decadent local fair. All transportation needs are taken care of for you, by any mode you chose. Private car, rental of your own motorbike, bicycle, you name it. 

What To Expect

Your private recovery retreat can be whatever you want it to be. That is the truly unique aspect of everything The Lighthouse Bali does, you are the main collaborator in your own unique recovery process. You can chose to have support staff 24 hours a day, days only, nights only, whatever combination works best for you. You can see counselors and psychotherapists, go to a meeting everyday, add yoga, work with a physical trainer, have art and music therapy, breathwork, go diving, ride ATVs through the jungles, surf world class breaks; the combinations are truly endless. That’s what makes the Custom Recovery System so special, take whats effective and leave what it isn’t. There are no groups to go to, sharing with strangers, no one-size-fits-all program you have to adhere to. So what can you expect? A retreat experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, re-energized, supported, and whole.