Flexible Modules

We understand that one size does not fit all. We all have unique and highly personal experiences that have led us to begin recovery. To this end we have compiled a host of proven therapies and activities. Administered by experts in their fields, you will be provided with the most qualified and effective team to aid and guide you on your journey. This segment of your recovery program ensures you are a collaborator in your recovery, and that you receive the highest quality care possible. Integrating these holistic Flexible Modules with the Core Modules of your program, will solidify a complete and holistic experience. This part of your program will take place throughout your stay and can be customized from week to week.

Wellness Assessment

Everything in the Flexible Modules portion of the Custom Recovery System begins with a Wellness Assessment. This is come to better understand what your individual goals and insights are for your bespoke program. You will have a weekly meeting with our Wellness Coordinator to discuss all your options available, assess your readiness and physical ability, track progress and make meaningful suggestions as to which specific modules are best suited to enable you to reach your goals. You will have support at every step of your journey. From your weekly meetings with your Wellness Coordinator, daily contact with Peer Counselors and Support Staff all the way through your trainers and teaching staff. 


The Lighthouse is pleased to offer our clients one-on-one private yoga classes to assist in the recovery process. Yoga is an amazing addition to your recovery as it calms the nervous system and works to strengthen, lengthen, and relax tension held in the muscles. Our on-site teacher has studied Neuroscience and Exercise Science in University and is incredibly knowledgeable about the body, breath and mind. By working with you to develop a signature, unique program, your class styles will vary in relation to your energy levels and physical needs.

Yoga challenges the body and mind, promoting strength, balance, and flexibility. By fostering awareness of how emotions are stored in the body, it aids the recovery process. Improved inner communication enhances honesty and effectiveness in outer communication.

  • When moving through the physical postures of yoga, the practice itself challenges strength, balance, flexibility
  • Bringing synergy to the body and mind aids the recovery process by developing awareness to how we hold emotions in the body
  • Greater inner communication makes outer communication more honest and effective

Personal Training

Our PT specialist has over 25 years of experience, specializing in body strength and conditioning, while also being a health and nutritional professional. Each client is consulted with and assessed to determine the best exercise plan that best suits their fitness abilities, long term goals and background. A sound mind is aided with a sound body and regular exercise has been proven to aid in recovery processes both physically and psychologically.

  • Individualized assessment to discover your unique goals and needs
  • Focused, one-on-one instruction
  • Sets a foundation to not only implement while in treatment, but develops a routine to take with you when you return to your daily life
  • There is no one perfect ideal for your body, design and promote a healthy lifestyle that works for you and makes you feel empowered


Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods” but that was before surfboards were invented. Bali is a world class surf destination with accessibility at all levels. If you are an experienced surfer, days can be spent at some of the best high performance waves in the world. If you’ve never stepped foot on a softop we can have you surfing in no time. All with the help of your private coach who is a retired professional from California that spent years on the WSl tour, either to dial in your technique or to start your journey. Welcome to salt water therapy.
  • Bali is a world class surfing destination
  • Individualized, in the water instruction with a professional surfer
  • Open for all levels and abilities, from first-timers to seasoned veterans
  • Learn a new skill that could become a life long passion
  • Learn about being present, and in-tune with nature

Creative Workshops

Here at The Lighthouse Bali, we offer creative workshop within Art & Design, Drama, and Creative Writing (including song writing), led and created by our arts practitioner. Creativity and self expression can be an engaging path to self discovery.

Implementing creative practices within both your recovery and everyday life, can positively impact brain function and human behaviour, including reduction of stress, physical pain and symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  • Provides an additional channel for self expression
  • Promotes positivity
  • A positive way to ‘release’ emotions

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a stimulating and creative partnership that will inspire you to accelerate your personal and professional potential, often exposing untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Using creative and innovative tools, you will work alongside your life coach to stimulate a deeper insight into your personal strengths and weaknesses, life goals and emotional make-up, and turn these into sustainable actions to create a more successful and enriched life of success and happiness. 

  • Develops a sense of purpose
  • Self-Awareness and Wellbeing
  • Promotes Manageability
  • Modifies Life Patterns

Nutrional Assesments

Appointments with a nutritionist is available on request. Commonly faced obstacles when dealing with substance abuse include concerns surrounding moods, cravings and sleep, digestive and hepatic health, and overall energy production. A large part of our naturopathic treatment is restoring these factors through creating neurotransmitter health, supporting adrenal health, optimizing gut function and detoxification. All requests must be approved by your recovery team.

  • Part of a full spectrum, multi-faceted holistic approach to recovery
  • Optimizing overall health in the body and reversing some of the damage to the body caused by unhealthy lifestyles and prolonged substance abuse
  • Prioritizing lifestyle changes, developing a nutritional plan you carry forward into aftercare and your life upon returning home


Hypnotherapy involves a therapist guiding you into a relaxed, focused state and asking you to think about experiences and situations in positive ways that can help you change the way you think and behave.  The hypnotherapy process allows the client to relax enough so that the unconscious mind is more open to receiving positive suggestions that can challenge or change deeply held limiting beliefs about themselves. It leads the client into a highly focused state where the client’s own strengths are amplified and brought into agency for positive change.

  • Can be used to treat anxiety, phobias, bad habits, even pain management
  • Is a powerful and effective therapy for a wide range of conditions, including substance abuse, mood disorders, and even chronic pain


Qigong literally translated means “Life-energy Cultivation”. As a practice, it integrates slow physical movements, breathing techniques, focused intention and meditation to gather, store cleanse,  strengthen, and circulate vital energy within the body. This practice can lead to better health and vitality, a tranquil state of mind and higher self-awareness. Qigong’s simplicity is easy to learn, enjoyable to do, and suitable for all ages and abilities.

  •  Profound effects on the Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • Benefits from regular practice include reduced stress, relaxes the mind, muscles, tendons, joints, raised mental acuity, and inner organs
  • In addition, the body improves posture, balance, flexibility, circulation, strength, stamina, vitality, and blood pressure


Breathing is a physical tool that is often overlooked as we become adults. Regulating our breathing can have a profound impact to our emotional reactions. When we can learn to regulate our breath, we can tune into our bodies and use it as a tool to regulate ourselves. A type of self-soothing. Learning this practice and mastering it allows us more control and awareness of our moods, stresses, and emotional well-being. Life can present triggers in many forms. Social anxiety, stress at work, family gatherings, any number of situations. Breathwork can allow us more intuitive control over our experience in life. 

  • Regulate Emotions
  • Better Blood Circulation, and Lower Stress Levels
  • Enhanced Control of our Life Experiences


TRE stands for trauma/tension release therapy. The client is guided into a meditative trance like state by the therapist. Through this method the body begins a nature process of shakes or twitches to release tension in the body. This allows the physical body to process and release the tensions and stress we could be carrying. This process is extremely effective for those who have PTSD or have experienced traumas. Because it allows the client to process without having to relive the event.

  • Effective trauma and tension treatment 
  • After learning the techniques, the process can be self-administered
  • Can be used to treat trauma without causing the client to ‘relive’ the event

We strongly believe that not including a client in their own recovery program is a disservice and doomed to fail. We must take into account the special and unique needs and circumstances surrounding the experiences leading to seek out treatment. No two addicts are the same, therefor their treatment should also be unique. With this in mind, all flex modules are on a request basis. Your recovery team, comprised of Clinical, Peer Counseling, and Operations will determine that requested flex modules are safe and in the best interest of the client based on detox, clinical assessment, and overall willingness will all aspects of the core program.