At The Lighthouse Bali, we believe that everyone should have access to recovery support and this is why we are proud to offer our general primary inpatient program.

With our general primary program, you will still receive our one-on-one individual rehab program including your own private accommodation and pool. We understand that everyone’s recovery and needs are different and this is why we are still passionate about offering our general primary inpatients a customized program based on your individual requirements, as well as all practitioners, support staff and services coming to your villa.

28 Day General Primary Inpatient Program

Our 28 Day General Primary Inpatient Program is similar to the Bespoke Program, in that it is tailored to each individual client. With the general program, all aspects of your holistic treatment are met and you will stay in a fully-serviced, private villa with pool.

Our 28 Day General Primary Inpatient Program includes:

  • Thorough medical assessment prior to arrival in Bali
  • VIP and VISA service at the airport in Bali
  • Physician appointment in Bali
  • Detox medication, if needed
  • Private fully serviced villa
  • Transportation
  • Food and beverage
  • One-on-one private individual care
  • Experienced recovery coaches / support staff 24/7
  • Professional psychological counseling sessions x2 hours p/week
  • Life coaching / education x 2 hours p/week
  • Choice of 3 flex modules per week (yoga, reiki, breathwork, martial arts, personal training at the gym, boxing, surfing, tennis and more)
  • Meals prepared by your private chef
  • Therapeutic massage x2 p/week
  • Recovery tools / peer counseling sessions x 4 hours p/week
  • Community 12 Step meetings (optional)
  • Outreach activities in the local community (optional)
  • Transportation
  • Weekend activities – Bali cultural and leisure activity (snorkeling, mountain biking, aquatic body work, jet skiing, spa pampering day, trips to temples, waterfalls and more)  – 1 per weekend
  • Extensive relapse prevention and exit planning
  • Aftercare Coordinator (for 2 months following discharge)


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We understand it can be a daunting experience to travel to another country and if this is on your mind, reach out to us. We offer complete door to door services where you will be picked up from your home by one oof our friendly and professional team, who will fly with you to Bali and assist you with anything you need along the way.