Home Detox vs. Rehab Detox During COVID-19

Trying to Detox at Home or Rehab During COVID-19

Deciding whether to attempt to detox at home or attend rehab is often a difficult decision to make. Depending on individual personal circumstances, you may find positives and negatives relating to either approach to getting clean and sober. In this Blog we look at the benefits and drawbacks of both methods and how these may have changed in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Initial Detox

At Home: The initial detox from either drugs or alcohol is the stage that most users and alcoholics fear the most. The effects of withdrawing from alcohol and drugs are unpleasant and in severe cases can result in serious medical complications including seizures and blackouts. For these reason, we always recommend a medical detox in a rehab facility. In our case, that does not mean a hospital, it means in a luxury private villa with trained staff on hand.

Due to coronavirus, attempting to detox at home comes with additional complications, it is more difficult for people to come and assist you during a lockdown and this includes emergency medical staff. Hospitals are heavily focused on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and resources are now more stretched than ever before. Availability of suitable medical staff, including those who are licensed to provide withdrawal related drugs are limited.

Without medical assistance, the physical effects of detox, combined with the temptation to drink or use drugs again are often too great for most users and alcoholics to handle. This results in a failed attempt at getting clean, depression and continued using or drinking – often at a greater rate than before.

At Rehab: We are remaining open during the COVID-19 pandemic to help those who want to get clean and sober at this time. Our services include one-on-one care in your own luxury private villa with a pool. We only take 3 residential clients at one time so our staff resources are not stretched and we can offer around the clock care.

Our detox includes medically prescribed drugs to ensure that you pass through this phase safely and in the maximum comfort possible. While we hope it is not necessary, our staff are trained in medical emergencies including resuscitation.

Most addicts and alcoholics experience a sense of relief when entering rehab; they no longer need to maintain the mental battle not to drink or use. Drugs and alcohol are not available and they are assured that they will get through this. And you will.

After Detox:

For most alcoholics and addicts this is when the real work begins. Using or drinking after a detox is extremely dangerous. The desire to ‘reward’ yourself with one drink or high is hard to overcome, especially when there is little else to occupy your thoughts during lockdown. This time can be used to refocus your thinking and create a pathway to a clean and sober future. Work that you put into your sobriety during this stage can last a lifetime.

At Home: Trying to stay sober during early sobriety, combined with being on lockdown is no easy feat. Staying connected to people is recommended by governments around the world but consider who you choose to stay connected with. Do you have sober friends and family who understand what this period will entail for you? Lockdown for anyone can be a lonely experience which is a major trigger for most alcoholics and addicts. Returning to alcohol and/or drugs during this period usually results in a higher level of drinking or using than prior to detox, which can result in overdosing or alcoholic poisoning.

At Rehab:

Once you have completed your initial detox, you’ll spend your time working on developing your physical, mental and emotional condition. Drinking and using are rarely the source of the problem for addicts or alcoholics  – they are usually a symptom. With the help of our experienced and caring team you’ll start a 12 step program, together with counseling and education, and begin to build yourself back up to where you deserve to be.

With the temptation of drugs and alcohol removed, this is your time to rediscover yourself and who you are. For more information about what is included in your program, contact us here.

COVID-19 Infection

There is no guarantee for remaining free from COVID-19 whether at home or at rehab. However, there are significant factors regarding immune system health to take into account for both alcoholics and addicts who are still using and drinking.

At Home:

While you may think you are safe from external factors, how often do you remember to wash your hands when drunk or high? If you are still going outside of your house, people are coming to your house or you are receiving deliveries, there is a risk of infection. The chances of infection at home may be the same as when in rehab, however, the effect of COVID-19 is more significant on those who are not in good physical health and have weakened immune systems – which is typical of all addicts and alcoholics.

At Rehab     

Within 72 hours of your arrival, you will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 lab result in writing. We can help coordinate your testing process in Bali. Upon arrival at your rehab villa, you will undertake a 14 day lockdown period. Each client will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by our American Medical Director who is currently working in an emergency room in the United States. Staff will be with you for this period and you will not be alone. For addicts and alcoholics, a weakened immune system from continued drinking and using creates additional concerns regarding COVID-19. The sooner you get clean and sober, the sooner your body can start restoring itself to health. Please also read our Questions and Answers below.

Questions and Answers Regarding Rehab During COVID-19

Understandably you may have concerns about attending rehab at this time, here are some of the common concerns we have heard and how we approach these:

Is rehab in Bali as good as what I could get my own country after COVID-19?

Absolutely. We are a western owned and managed rehab facility and members of our team have experience in rehab facilities around the world. By providing rehab facilities in Bali we can offer a much comfortable environment for you than what is available for the same price in Europe or the United States. Not only will you be housed in a private luxury villa, all of our support staff are western trained and are counseling team incorporates counselors from the USA and Europe.

Our services are unique in that wherever possible we tailor your program to your wants, needs and circumstances. People come in different sizes and shapes, so we don’t offer a ‘one size fits all solution’.  You will receive the highest level of support by caring professionals who understand what you are going through.

I am safer on lockdown and detoxing at home alone:

Undertaking a detox at home comes with significantly higher risks than a medical and assisted detox. Locking down at home and attempting to detox with limited access to emergency services and trained personnel is not recommended.

Will I be Quarantined?             

Yes. When you arrive at your villa you will be on lockdown for the first 14 days in the villa. You will not be alone and our staff will be with you. You will have access to all parts of the villa and the pool during this time but will not be able to leave the property.

Will I be protected from Getting COVID-19?

We cannot guarantee that you will be protected from COVID-19, just as we cannot guarantee our staff will not catch the virus either. What we can guarantee is that we are taking all recommended safety measures and precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

I can’t afford rehab (it’s cheaper at home):

Rehab is a financial investment for everyone. Try to view rehab as an investment and not an expense. Once clean and sober we have found that clients have gone on to enjoy better lives with continued or higher incomes, better relationships, health and wellbeing.

Undertaking rehab at home comes with significant risks, greater chances of failure and a much lower rate of achieving long term sobriety which is rarely cost-effective in the long run.

I am still working:

We have looked after clients over the years who have been working and even those who have been able to run their own businesses during rehab. Of course, you should be prepared to work less hours. We ask you to put away your phone or laptop during counseling, education sessions and other program activities. We will discuss working hours with you prior to admission and come up with a schedule that works. If you are working from home due to COVID-19 we will try to accommodate this but we must be aware of your needs and have your agreement that your sobriety and rehab takes precedent.

I need to stay in touch with family and friends at this time:

We do not take your phones or laptops away from you and there is Wifi in our villas. We ask that you put away your devices during counseling, education sessions and other program activities.

What happens after my residential treatment:

There is always the option to extend your residential treatment or to reduce your level of care to an outpatient program. We encourage an extension of care during this time when a return to ‘normal life’ and staying connected at home is more challenging due to the COVID-19 measures in place. If you choose to return home we will continue to support you however we can. We do have an Aftercare Coordinator who stays in touch with you for six months following your treatment with The Lighthouse Bali. As part of your Relapse Prevention Plan, we will make a plan with you regarding individual components of your program that can be continued from home including counseling etc.

What do I do next?

It’s as simple as making a call to us and we will take care of the rest. We can pick you up from where you are staying in Bali, or from the airport if you are traveling from elsewhere in Indonesia. You’ll need to pack a travel bag to bring with you but we’ll talk you through what you need.

Call us here or, send us an email to: info@thelighthousebali.org

We look forward to being a part of your journey to recovery soon.

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