CREA 2023 Awards

The esteemed CREA Award is proudly presented to Dr. Julia A. Andre by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee, acknowledging her remarkable contributions to the field of trauma therapy and mental health. Driven by a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of trauma healing, Dr. Andre has pioneered a groundbreaking approach known as EMDR Intensives. This revolutionary treatment model, developed by Dr. Andre in Asia, challenges the traditional weekly therapy format by offering intensive trauma healing sessions that can lead to significant relief in a matter of days. Through her tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to her mission of healing, Dr. Andre has transformed the lives of countless individuals, empowering them to overcome their trauma and find hope and resilience. Her pioneering work has not only provided tangible economic value but has also garnered strong scientific evidence, promising a paradigm shift in trauma treatment. Additionally, Dr. Andre has made it her mission to educate and train fellow professionals in Asia about the effectiveness and benefits of the Intensive treatment format. With her trailblazing spirit and unwavering determination, Dr. Julia A. Andre is a deserving recipient of the prestigious CREA Award, leaving an enduring impact on the field of trauma therapy and inspiring others to believe in the possibility of healing.


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What are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Co-occurring disorders, also called dual diagnosis or comorbidity, refer to the simultaneous presence of a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder within the same individual.

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What are the Signs of a Dysregulated Nervous System?

Our nervous systems play a vital role in our health and well-being.

This fascinating, complex system, which comprises our brain, spinal cord, and nerves, can help us respond appropriately to our environment and allow our bodies to function effectively, all factors that lead to optimal health.

A regulated nervous system is a happy system! It allows us to get on with our lives without facing some of the challenges and difficulties that those with a dysregulated or imbalanced nervous system often have to deal with.

For instance, individuals with a dysregulated nervous system may experience more physical and emotional health issues than those with healthy nervous systems

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