Relapse Awareness Guide

There are often warning signs prior to a relapse – this blog will discuss the signs of emotional, mental, and physical relapses. Find out what’s going wrong and how to get back on track – you may need some professional help to do so – and that’s okay!

Replacing Addictions In Recovery

Addiction replacement, or transferring of addictions is a very common behavior response in recovery. We often substitute addictions to fill the void or to chase the same feeling or high that the previous addiction produced. It could be switching from drinking to eating chocolate or from drugs to sex.

Tips For Staying Sober During The Holidays

The idea of staying sober over the holidays can be scary when in early recovery or active addiction. As the holidays quickly approach, so do the holiday parties and family events, both of which can be difficult to navigate. A good goal for these holidays? Instead of focusing your energy on buying presents, focus on being present.

Bali: A Haven for Addiction Recovery

Bali might be well known for its party nightlife, but the island is also beginning to bloom as a center for drug and alcohol rehab centers where you’ll find thriving clean and sober communities of both expats and locals who offer each other support and friendship.