Dr. Putu Asih Primatanti, SkPG

Clinical Doctor


Dr. Asih is an Indonesian SkPG (Specialist in Psychiatry and Medicine). After completing her Doctoral degree at Udayana University, she worked in a number of clinics throughout Bali as a Medical Professional went on to join the Board for Yayasan Spirit Paramacita (counselling and education in the field of HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention). She is currently working as a Psychiatrist within three clinics throughout Central and South Bali and is part of The Lighthouse Bali’s clinical team, where she provides initial medical evaluations for clients and monitors their detoxification process.

Dr. Asih has a wealth of training and experience working with intravenous drug users; namely in the field of HIV transmission prevention/ARV Therapy, and Drug Replacement Therapies (i.e. methadone programs). She has worked extensively with local Indonesians, as well as inmates of various nationalities who are incarcerated at Bali’s Kerobokan Prison. Dr. Asih also provides individual private care in Bali to numerous residents and visitors from abroad.

Dr. Asih’s role at The Lighthouse Bali is to provide each client with the best possible medical care. Ideally, she will have an opportunity to review the client’s medical records prior to their arrival in Bali. At the client’s request, she will consult with the their primary caregiver or counsellor to ensure a smooth transition of care. Upon arrival at The Lighthouse Bali, Dr. Asih will meet with the client and provide them with a thorough medical evaluation. She will determine if the client’s condition warrants a hospitalized detox regime or if the detox process can be completed at The Lighthouse Bali, under her direct supervision. The appropriate plan is implemented, with Dr. Asih providing continual monitoring of the client’s condition.