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Lighthouse Bali Rehab
Lighthouse Bali Rehab

Individual Rehabilitation Treatment

 The Lighthouse Bali Recovery Center is a dedicated one-on-one recovery program.
The program is tailor-made and customized to fit your individual needs.
Discover yourself in the comfort and privacy of a pool villa in Bali close to the beach.

The Lighthouse Bali offers private, one-on-one, alcohol and drug addiction treatment for those seeking a custom recovery program. We utilize a proven and comprehensive approach with dedicated and internationally certified specialists – your recovery program is complemented by being surrounded by the natural beauty of Bali. You will receive individualized care specifically designed for you. We want to help you connect and identify with your strengths while we guide you through a long-lasting recovery process. 

The Lighthouse Bali offers a custom recovery program because you are unique and so is your addiction.


Experience a recovery program designed for you.

About Us

Our team is comprised of clinical psychologists, licensed therapists,  international and local counselors, educators and recovery coaches.
Our team understands the true nature of addiction, the joys of recovery and together they share over 50 years of sobriety.

There are no group sessions because it is vital that you feel connected in all of your one-on-one interactions and recovery therapies.
One advantage of individual treatment is that we can adjust the program to best fit your recovery goals and needs.
Your program will be tailored around you, not a group, which will create an effective recovery program for you.

Our team is a close knit group that works with each other to provide an customized program, just for you.
Before your  arrival we discuss and select the best suited counselors, therapists, and recovery coaches  for your needs.

Our Mission

At The Lighthouse Bali, our mission is to help those affected by alcoholism and chemical dependency to understand and embrace a new way of life. We aim to achieve this by providing a comfortable and serene environment through which your tailored program promotes self-worth, acceptance, and personal responsibility. We will help you create a new design for living though which  you can achieve a fulfilling and free life. 

The Lighthouse Bali is not only a private recovery treatment center; we are also operate a charitable organisation which participates in community outreach programs. Our organization supports and sponsors recovering addicts, and provides community workshops that detail the realities of alcoholism and substance abuse within Indonesia.

Our comprehensive approach provides you with...


We provide a balanced program of recovery that addresses the three facets of the addiction –mind, body, and spirit. We will help you develop a balanced lifestyle.


We believe that a wellness program is vital to long lasting recovery. We offer a full range from yoga and art therapy to acupuncture and breathing exercises.


We offer you the highest level of care that is possible in recovery. You will have a one-on-one recovery coach or support staff with you 24 hours of the day. 


You will meet with our nutritionist weekly and create a meal plan that is healthy and sustainable long term. This is important for long lasting recovery.


Our program includes massages, walks on the beach, swimming, and a variety of other relaxing wellness sessions. We want you to discover yourself in a serene environment.


You will customize an exercise routine with our personal trainer to suit your specific fitness level and needs. This could be water assisted pool training, to a traditional gym workout.


Our professional therapists and wellness director will help you  heal from the stresses and traumas which have been building in your life and leave you feeling refreshed and refocused.


We create a balanced program specifically for your long term needs and goals. This allows you to develop a new design for living which is both fulfilling, enjoyable and long lasting.

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