Our Individual Treatment Program

The Lighthouse Bali’s individual treatment plan provides a blend of traditional and innovative approaches that work together to create a healing model, providing our client with the tools necessary for a happy, serene, clean and sober way of life. The Lighthouse Bali offers a broad spectrum of recovery programs that include integrated holistic services, along with structured clinical programs that are personalized for our client’s specific needs and wants. Whether dealing with alcoholism or drug addiction, our unique programs and highly experienced staff meet each resident where they are – physically, intellectually, emotionally & spiritually.

Shortly after a client arrives at The Lighthouse Bali, they receive a medical evaluation by a physician trained in substance abuse to determine the appropriate detox and outline the treatment plan. We believe that a mixture of individual care, individual counseling and group 12 step meetings increases the odds of long term recovery for the client. As such, our plans include two to three individual counseling sessions every week, two private educational workshops each week, daily fitness activities, daily 12 step support group meetings and weekly self-care sessions (massage, reflexology, acupuncture, etc.)

The recommended length of stay in our facility is 30 days, although we can tailor a shorter or longer stay, depending on the needs of the client.

Our holistic, transformational approach will lay the groundwork for our client to detach from old, toxic beliefs and free themselves to become more aware of their choices, to develop an honest relationship with themselves and learn to live in the creative flow of life. The goal is to achieve the personal freedom that can only be obtained by seeking one’s own highest “truth” and releasing the false self.

We believe that spirituality is developed through experiences that reveal deeper and more profound “truths”. These truths are not universal, as in scientific “fact”, but are personal, self-enhancing truths. These personal, self-enhancing truths help us to develop a value system that guides our choices and helps us live our lives with purpose.