Our Team

Our team is comprised of international and local counselors, educators and recovery coaches. Our staff understands the true nature of addiction, the joys of recovery and, together, share over 30 years of sobriety.

Dr Denny Thong, SpKG
Dr. Denny is an Indonesian SkPG (Specialist in Psychiatry and Medicine). After completing his Psikiater degree from University of Indonesia in Jakarta in 1973, he worked in a number of clinics and hospitals throughout Indonesia, serving on the boards of Rumah Sakit Jiwa Bangli, Bali and Rumah Sakit Jiwa Ujung Pandang, Makassar.

Dr. Denny specializes in the field of mental health services, working closely with those afflicted with alcohol and chemical dependency.  He has over ten years of direct experience assisting intravenous drug users with medical detox regimes, while following their care from a psychiatric and mental health stand point.

Dr. Denny has been the President / Director of Bali International Medical Center (BIMC) since 1999, maintains a private practice in Denpasar and serves as the head of the Board of Directors for Yayasan Bali Arkananta/The Lighthouse Bali. At The Lighthouse Bali, Dr. Denny works closely with the Yayasan’s medical team, proving expert services, supervision and clinical support.

Dr. Putu Asih Primatanti, SkPG
Dr. Asih is an Indonesian SkPG (Specialist in Psychiatry and Medicine). After completing her Doctoral degree at Udayana University, she worked in a number of clinics throughout Bali as a Medical Professional went on to join the Board for Yayasan Spirit Paramacita (counselling and education in the field of HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention). She is currently working as a Psychiatrist within three clinics throughout Central and South Bali and is part of The Lighthouse Bali’s clinical team, where she provides initial medical evaluations for clients and monitors their detoxification process.

Dr. Asih has a wealth of training and experience working with intravenous drug users; namely in the field of HIV transmission prevention/ARV Therapy, and Drug Replacement Therapies (i.e. methadone programs). She has worked extensively with local Indonesians, as well as inmates of various nationalities who are incarcerated at Bali’s Kerobokan Prison. Dr. Asih also provides individual private care in Bali to numerous residents and visitors from abroad.

Dr. Asih’s role at The Lighthouse Bali is to provide each client with the best possible medical care. Ideally, she will have an opportunity to review the client’s medical records prior to their arrival in Bali. At the client’s request, she will consult with the their primary caregiver or counsellor to ensure a smooth transition of care. Upon arrival at The Lighthouse Bali, Dr. Asih will meet with the client and provide them with a thorough medical evaluation. She will determine if the client’s condition warrants a hospitalized detox regime or if the detox process can be completed at The Lighthouse Bali, under her direct supervision. The appropriate plan is implemented, with Dr. Asih providing continual monitoring of the client’s condition.

Alice Dill Prasetyoko

An American citizen and native of California, Alice Prasetyoko currently resides in Bali, Indonesia, with her husband and business partner, Wira Danu Prasetyoko. Alice is one of the original founders of Yayasan Bali Arkananta / The Lighthouse Bali and has continued to enjoy the role of Co-Managing Director with her husband since its inception in 2013.

Having worked with alcoholics and addicts in various environments for over two decades, Alice has found her passion in working one-on-one with private clients, where she provides support, education and some much needed fun (from sports activities to music events, tours of Bali and more).

Alice has also found herself drawn to working in the non-profit arena, offering education and treatment to those of low to middle class economic status. Her professional experience, combined with over twenty years of personal recovery and service work in the 12 step communities, served as the catalyst for her to design and participate in the community outreach programs that are such a big part of the organization’s mission.

Starting in 2006, Alice focused her efforts in the area of drug and alcohol treatment – both in America and in Indonesia. She worked in the private and public sectors, assisting clients (individually and in groups), utilizing Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques, 12 Step Philosophies, educational lectures and workshops, private coaching and wellness programs. She also served on the Board of Directors for a women’s drug and alcohol facility in Northern California, providing operational input and fundraising support.

Alice has been involved – and continues to be involved – in her local community (both in America and in Indonesia). She is proud to be a supportive parent, a women’s advocate and a business leader, and enjoys mentoring many people in the area of addiction and recovery. Over the years, she has lent her support to many charitable organizations, including Marin Services for Women, a non-profit women’s residential drug treatment center, Yayasan Kesehatan Bali (Yakeba), a Bali based foundation that focuses on public health issues, Mama Hope Foundation, which raises funds for grassroots organizations in Africa and Yayasan Bumi Sehat, which provides health-care aid to marginalized communities and families in Indonesia. She also sponsored and personally funded The Hung Hoc Village Project in Vietnam, which provided a village in North Vietnam with transportation, food, clothing, supplies, school equipment, and more.

Alice has dedicated her life to being of service to others – helping them strengthen their individual path to a peaceful, productive, serene and happy life.

Wira Danu Hendro Prasetyoko

Wira Danu Hendro Prasetyoko, “Danu,” is an Indonesian national from Surabaya, Java, who has been living and working in Bali for 23 years.

Danu is the manager of The Lighthouse Bali and organizes the treatment plan for each client. Working directly with the physician who dictates the client’s withdrawal regime, Danu oversees the client’s detox process and subsequent transition into an active recovery program.  Along with the counselor and the client, Danu creates a tailor-made recovery plan that treats body, mind and spirit with counseling, education sessions, 12 step meetings, wellness programs, and recreational activities.

Danu is also in charge of coordinating The Lighthouse Bali’s outreach efforts. As such, he facilitates groups that provide education on substance abuse, addiction recovery, harm reduction practices, and HIV/AIDS awareness and education to communities, prisons, schools and other locations around the island.

Being kind and thinking of others comes naturally to Danu and it is this quality, coupled with his honesty and professionalism, that make him an outstanding leader for the staff at The Lighthouse Bali and a true asset for each client that enters the program.

James Walden
Regional Director Australasia

James Walden, an Australian citizen, grew up in Melbourne and currently resides in Byron Bay, on the coast of New South Wales.

James has enjoyed over five years of education and experience in the area of addiction recovery, in Australia and Southeast Asia, and the many models of treatment available; he understands the importance of providing support to both the individual client and the key people in their life.

James is an alumni of The Lighthouse Bali and believes that their unique, individually tailored programme has been a key component in his own successful recovery.

James has a deep compassion and empathy for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and has found his niche in helping others recover, both personally and professionally, while providing much needed support and information to the family members of the addict.

Being of service to others in the community – both in Australia, as well as in Indonesia, has been important and rewarding to James. He has worked with children and families who live in poverty, volunteered at homeless animal rescue facilities and has helped enhance educational pathways for disadvantaged Balinese children through English classes, art therapy and more.

As Regional Director of Australasia, James focuses on reaching out to addicts and alcoholics in Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea, and neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean. In addition to informing those in need of treatment about the services provided by The Lighthouse Bali, James also works with the team’s Outreach Coordinator to provide free education and support services to those in need regarding addiction and HIV/AIDs.

Lia Gunawan
Wellness Coordinator

Lia Gunawan immersed herself in the world of health, wellness and mindfulness in 2007, when she had a moment of clarity and realized that her hectic work life was unfulfilling and was adversely affecting her body, mind and spirit. Through stillness, she found her way back to ground, developing a deep and profoundly powerful personal practice of yoga, breath work and meditation that fundamentally changed the way she lived her life. With this newfound passion, Lia made the life changing decision to leave her old career and travel to India to deepen her knowledge. There, she studied Indian Traditional Yoga, as well as several extraordinary meditation practices. She later continued on to Thailand, where she received certificates in Ashtanga – Vinyasa base practices.

Having more than 7 years of experience working directly with addicts and alcoholics through 12 step philosophies, with a keen eye towards CODA and Alanon issues, Lia is able to align her education and experience nicely with the counsellors and staff at The Lighthouse Bali. Incorporating her knowledge of the physical body and its ability to detox and regenerate with a practice of mindfulness that includes breath work and yogic principles, Lia is able to design a unique program for each individual client. She firmly believes that a well-rounded treatment program that includes the integration of 12 step philosophies, physical exercise, meditation, yoga and breath work is imperative for the happy and continual recovery of each client.

Lia’s passion for helping people, especially addicts and alcoholics, is extraordinary. Her personal experience, plus her years of working with others towards the integration of spiritual principles, makes her the ideal person to lead the wellness programs for The Lighthouse and an important member of the Team.